Love, Loneliness, Abuse and Murder

Domestic Abuse Help and Shelters

Domestic Abuse Help and Shelters

Several organizations exist to raise awareness about the serious nature of domestic abuse and to help the victims. The United States government also has several department websites with useful information related to crimes and violence against women.


National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
The NCADV website provides protection advice for those who are in an abusive intimate relationship and opportunities for others to take action to help organizations assisting victims of domestic violence.

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE
The hotline provides help via phone and their website provides tips on determining whether a relationship is abusive, provides helpful hints for those wishing to be free from an abusive relationship and contains useful references for all concerned about domestic violence.

American Association of Christian Counselors
This organization provides listings for local Christian Counselors and resources for Christian Counselors. If you feel you would benefit from a local Christian Counselor, you are encouraged to contact you local church staff or seek a reference from the AACA.


Faith Mission (Wichita Falls)
Faith Mission provides housing and programs to help the homeless of North Texas.

Faith Refuge (Wichita Falls)
Faith Refuge provides safe housing and programs to help women and children of North Texas. Proceeds from the sale of Love, Loneliness, Abuse and Murder go to Faith Refuge.

First Step
First Step provides help for victims of family violence and sexual assault in North Texas.

Straight Street
Straight Street aims to provide a positive Christian environment where at-risk youth can go and obtain the necessary skills and training needed to mature and to discover God’s divine plan for their lives.

Domestic Abuse Helpful Links

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Stand Together Against Nationwide Domestic Violence
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